Resident Services

Our Resident Services Programs assist residents with specialized enhanced asset building activities and programs developed to promote leadership skills, personal growth, independent development and empowered self-sufficiency.

 ONIC – NeighborhoodLIFT Program


Neighborhood LIFT is a down payment assistance program sponsored by the Wells Fargo Housing Foundation in partnership with NeighborWorks America and ONIC.  The program provides $15,000 and $17,500 for First Responders, Military members and Teachers in down payment assistance for eligible homebuyers who are purchasing a home within Lake, Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties in Florida.  Please click on the link below to apply:


Communities and Neighborhood Residents

The creation of open forums and a process for communication, feedback, community engagement and building a broad range of activities to encourage good neighboring, and impact quality of life.   

Community Programs

Community Programs

Our Resident Services Programs provide residents with specialized enhanced asset and community building activities, opportunities for engagement, and programs developed to promote leadership, personal growth, independent development, and resilience.

Housing Success & Family Resources—education and coordination of housing readiness workshops, home management information, and exposure on how to access benefits and navigate needed resources. A tool for homelessness prevention.

Financial & Wealth Building & Resiliency—budgeting and financial literacy, home buyer’s education, income tax filing with earned income tax credit EITC, banking and investment options, access to savings/asset building

Workforce enhancements coordination—on the job training opportunities, job/skills training, job placement, job fair, skills training referrals

Health and Wellbeing—self-esteem building activities, screenings, exercise programs, teen education, referrals and coordination for accessing resources

Safety Awareness—neighborhood/crime watch, education & awareness development

Learning Center—bridging gaps with educational activities, computer and basic literacy instruction, homework help, tutoring, & computer labs

Cultural Arts—Orlando Prodigy; structured out of school time activities that teach life/coping skills through the form of visual and performing arts

Civic Responsibility—leadership development and volunteerism, neighborhood association development

Social Activities—resident appreciation activities, day trips & multicultural events, etc.


Program Objectives

  • Increase housing stability for/of residents and promote a stable thriving community.
  • Encourage positive and effective ways for resident engagement while uplifting communities’ sense of pride.
  • Promote a safe environment where all residents are encouraged to flourish.
  • Increased communication using activities that promotes dialogue and tolerance and understanding among residents.
  • Increase residents’ knowledge, skills, and access to resources; also their options and accessibility to resources.
  • Elevate knowledge, skills, and wealth-building of community residents while encouraging care of homes and property.

ONIC promotes and markets its communities as more than “roofs and walls” practice, with the integral Resident Services Program (RSP).

ONIC’s RSP is a response to leveling the playing field; through the coordination and implementation of enhanced, asset-building activities and engagement, services are designed to increase residents’ quality of life.

RSP supports and emboldens its communities through the implementation of activities, services, and programs determined by resident input, interest, and need.

Expected outcomes include satisfied, involved, resilient, residents, and stable, healthy, sustainable, communities.


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