Resident Prosperity Spotlight:

Amanda Sales aspired to many goals and was determined to meet them all despite the obstacles she faced. As a full time employee with Universal Studios, she focused on increasing her income and becoming a supervisor. Although married, Amanda was also temporarily carried for her daughter on her own as her husband was still going through immigration process and was out of the country.  Her primary goal was to eventually become a homeowner. Amanda was recruited to participate in the Resident Prosperity Program by RS Coordinators, Amanda participated in workshops and coaching sessions that provided her with the road map and support she needed to succeed, including an RPP skill-building session that helped her secure a job promotion. Amanda  daughter also participated in ONIC Prodigy Cultural Art Program. As a member of RPP, RS coordinators also  provided one on one assistance to her, completing necessaries documents for her husband immigration process. Over the course of two years, Amanda worked very hard to meet her goals and achieved the following milestones; she became a supervisor and increase her salary by $6/h, she increased her credit score by 200 points, she significantly increased her savings, and she successfully completed all requirements of the ONIC HFUW Resident Prosperity Program. The family was reunited in July 2019 once the immigration process was complete, and upon her husband arrival in October 2019, they were able to work together and achieved their ultimate goal of home ownership. On August first 2020 they moved to their new home.