On August 21, 2020, ONIC hosted the 2020 NeighborWorks® Week event at Emerald Villas Homes in Orlando, Florida, themed Stronger Together.

The goal depicting our community’s strength in unity was demonstrated by the virtual and hybrid connectedness. The event was held in the Resident Services area, the playground and Learning Center.

Partners attended with residents participated virtually and in person, the latter with PPE and social distancing to gain community and health resources while others sent their Tik Tok videos to showcase their activities during the pandemic. The videos were looped and shown in a community video during the event.

Partners of the event included The League of Women Voters, 2020 Census, Care Plus with two other health providers, Second Harvest, Fresh Stop Bus- Hebni Nutrition, and Mustard Seed. Successful in its own right engaging 42 families onsite.

This collaborative effort among local resources, staff, volunteers, and attendees demonstrate how the strength of a community is built from the continuous effort and commitment of a variety of stakeholders, even in a time of pandemic.