The ONIC believes that people in stable, affordable, and service-enriched homes are healthier, perform better in their jobs and school, and consume fewer public resources. We feel compelled to develop stable housing that improves the quality of life in our communities plus saves taxpayer money and creates prosperity. 

Our Mission

To be the leader in Central Florida in providing stable, thriving communities of opportunity through quality, affordable housing, with engaged residents in a service-enriched environment.

Our History

Established in 1989, the Orlando Neighborhood Improvement Corporation (ONIC) has been governed by a Board of Directors with a broad range of business skills plus a commitment to the social outcomes required to run a growing social-housing corporation.

We employ more than 100 staff in Orland, Florida, who are overseen by an experienced management team with skills in tenancy management, project management, financial management, human resources, and marketing communications.

ONIC has built an award-winning record of developing well-designed, high-quality living environments. Its communities include affordably priced homes and mixed-income developments. Each ONIC community hosts enhanced resident services including recreational, educational, counseling, and personal enrichment programs.

Our Vision

Healthy neighborhoods of opportunity with quality, affordable housing, a diversity of incomes and housing types, and access to adequate services, activities, and facilities.


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Gifts of every size allow ONIC to do extraordinary things. Contributions accelerate our ability to change people’s lives through meaningful programs and services for residents of all ages, helping them to move to lifelong success.

We are grateful for their belief in our mission to strengthen communities through affordable housing and meaningful programs and services.

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